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Green Garden

Why choose us ?

Garden At Home are Gardening Professionals & Landscapers

Experts that are qualified and fully insured, unlike some of the
" one man gardening cowboys " who do their utmost to undercut professional gardening companies with their low prices, cash in hand uninsured practices.

We always aim to provide friendy advice, idea's on how to make your garden the way you want it, with high class work at competitive prices.

We are based in Zaventem 

We service all area's of Belgium and are a part of our Mother business
" TV From Home " & " Expat in Belgium " which serve expats and local clients in Belgium for over 23 years with Television and Radio, WiFi internet installation and repair, Electrician & Plumbing as well as all the services you could ever wish for with our talented Handyman team. 


A reputation that we are proud to have

Add to that our reputation for professional, no corner cutting, top quality service with first class products and competitive prices that are fully guaranteed. We take great pleasure in always doing business the right way and to being the service company you can trust again and again.

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Garden and Landscape Experts

All of our gardeners and landscapers are fully trained, experts in their own field, always fully equipped " for the job

at hand " arrive always as a team of 2 Gardeners, with a dedicated gardening truck & trailer for the green garden

waste and most importantly are fully insured, with an invoice that guarantees that if you have any questions, that we

address them directly.

Garden Consultancy Price Quote Visit

Every garden has its own distinct feeling, with every gardening job it's own specific requirements, in other words

not one garden is the same, and so it should be in our minds, your garden is unique ! 

Our head gardener is Ralph who takes his time to check directly with you, what needs to be done and most importantly what your desires, requirements and budget are for your garden, followed up with a fixed price quote for the

requested garden work including supplies & plants as required.

We charge a small " token " fee of 50 Euros for this visit which, if you accept our price quote, is deducted from the 
first invoice & job that we do for you.


Some people ask us " why do you charge for a visit, while other gardeners pass by for a free look at their garden ? "

We charge a small, honest fee, for our first visit to you, that includes our time to discuss & confirm what will be

the exact price, for the required work, and as you will, we hope, understand, realize that when you want a price

quote, you want a reliable fixed quote that will not " change on the day " as is the case with many local cowboys,

so called, "one man show gardeners" that do unfortunately end up not sticking to the agreed price.

Giving you an idea of what to expect, cost wise with Garden at Home

With Garden At Home, we supply you with a fully qualified team, equipped to the highest standards with high quality tools and machines, at a fixed price with no hidden charges, that are always confirmed before you engage us, excluding any materials or supplies that may be required, which is why a site visit is required to be able to confirm the total price, so you have an exact idea of all possible costs.

Our friendly, honest rates that offer quality & qualified work

Call out to your Home : This is based on your location.

The cost of one skilled, trained gardener, equipped with professional gardening tools, fully insured, along

with their garden truck and trailor is 50 Euros HTVA ( 60.50 Euros TVAC Taxes included ).

Possible extra charges are fuel for lawn mowers / hedge trimmers etc.

We normally make a price quote for either half a day ( 4 hours ) or a full days work ( 8 hours ).

Green garden waste removal

If you do not have a compost area, then we take care of this at our official garden waste center, the charge including transport is priced per Cubic Meters : Please request the current cost.

The above prices are correct as of 01 January 2023 .


If you would like to know more about " My Garden At Home " or would like to arrange a visit by our Head Gardener, then please do email or phone us.

Phone us:  +32 2 808 70 31

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